The Funniest Posters And Signs Spotted Out On The Street

If you’ve lost a pet, if you’ve found something, or if you need to advertise a service to your neighbors, hanging a sign or poster out on the street can be a terrific way to get your message out there. Even though most people have internet access, a street poster is going to reach some folks that you just couldn’t target online. Here are some amazingly funny and clever street posters that people have hung up around their neighborhoods, some real and some just for fun. Take a look and try not to smile at these.

Do. Not. Underestimate. Him.

This isn’t a combo you see on a poster every day. It’s rare just to see a missing turtle sign, but this particular pet is also missing his… nunchucks. LOL. Don’t underestimate the little guy just because turtles tend to be slow, though.


“APPEARS SLOW BUT IS VERY DANGEROUS! Will come home eventually but evil-doers beware.” This is a clever and cute way to get people to pay attention to your poster and be on the lookout for your Ninja Turtle.