People Caught Realizing They’ve Made A Massive Mistake

There’s a reason the saying “been there done that” exists—it’s to make us all feel better about all the mistakes we’ve made in the past. Normally we just make them, take a quick look around to make sure nobody has just seen, and then move on with our lives and try to repress the embarrassing memory. Unfortunately, these people can’t do that.

Here are some people caught in the middle of a moment of chaos and there’s nothing they can do about it. These photos capture the horror, shock, and pain they’re feeling in the moment, but it’s nothing compared to the embarrassment they’re going to feel later.

Right Before She Broke Up With Him

This concert is probably the last time that these two are going to be together in public.

woman on shoulders of man whos kissing another girl
Photo Credit: KevlarYarmulke / Reddit
Photo Credit: KevlarYarmulke / Reddit

The moves this man is making are probably great on the dance floor but not so great in the long run for his relationship because she’s going to electric slide out of his life.