Old-School Parenting Photos That Probably Wouldn’t Fly Today

Times change and so do parenting techniques. Remember when mom would give you a nickel and told you to be home before dark? Those were the days. Now, parents are under constant scrutiny for the way they choose to raise their kids.

Those old-school parenting tricks would probably land you on the evening news today but hey, we survived didn’t we? Have a good laugh and a walk down memory lane while you look at these vintage parenting skills that would raise some disapproving eyebrows nowadays.

The Face Of A Happy Kid Who Got A Present

Nowadays the hottest toy on the market is one that’s been tested 100 times to make sure there’s no choking hazards and a bunch of other dangers. If it’s basically bubble wrap it’ll sell like hotcakes these days. Things weren’t that way back in 1989.

mom and kid with toy happy
Photo Credit: xDanSolo / Reddit
Photo Credit: xDanSolo / Reddit

Reddit user xDanSolo shares this photo of him opening the hottest toy of the year — the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap. This thing would be really fun to have, but would definitely be slapped with a ton of warning stickers these days. Enjoy catching those phantoms!