Nautical Fails That Prove Not Everyone Should Operate A Boat

When it comes to operating a boat, it is not the same thing as driving a car. The water alone can cause mishaps if you don’t know how to navigate the current correctly. Some of these people couldn’t even get to the water because their boat toppled off the trailer while they were still on the road! From sunken boats to yacht fires and collisions, these fails go to show that driving a boat isn’t all sunshine and mist rainbows.

Buried In The Sand

Remember as a kid when you would lose something to the sea and hope it’d wash back up on the shore? This is like that, only the thing lost isn’t a toy or a boogie-board, it’s a boat.


We can just imagine the owner of this boat being out on the sea and suddenly having to evacuate. Perhaps it toppled over, leaving the riders in life-jackets out in the water as they watched the current yank their boat back to shore.