Hilariously Ironic Signs That Clearly Weren’t Thought Out

Signs are often used to advertise or to state a rule, but some are too ironic to be effective. Instead, they seem more like a joke, which doesn’t exactly send the right message. From a paper sign about how to save paper, to a cleaner’s sign that’s too dirty to read, these hilarious messages could have used a proofreader.

Appeasing The Pet-Lovers

Individually, both of these signs are perfectly typical. It’s because they are next to one another that they don’t make an ounce of sense. The top sign reads, “No pets allowed.”


But just below it is a sign that says, “All pets must be on leash.” It’s as though pet-lover had adamantly ignored the first rule so often that management finally caved. They may as well have said, “Fine, if you’re going to bring your pet, at least leash it up!”