Hilarious Knockoff Products That Were Shameless About Their Branding

Knockoff brands can be hit or miss, offering either a steal price for a similar product or a total ripoff for a worse version. What knockoffs brands do have in common, though, are some hilarious names. Some variations sound similar but use trick spelling, like “Souperman” or “McDnoalds”. Others just paste the same popular name on a completely different product, like iPhone sneakers. Our favorite is when they combine both tactics to come up with something like Starbangs salon. Read on to see how far knockoff brands will go to catch your eye.

Grab A Snack With Friends At Facefood!

This foodery wasn’t shy about copying Facebook. They used the same font in their sign and even have icons that you’d see on the social media platform.


The business owner at least put an original twist on the “facefood” spot by writing “Juice Bar” in the message symbol. Anyone walking by who hasn’t heard of Facebook would probably confuse the eatery for being a spa since the name “facefood” sounds like a place you’d get a mask.