Fortunes That Prove You Shouldn’t Take Advice From A Cookie

One of the best parts of going to a Chinese restaurant is popping open the fortune cookies as the end of a meal. Even though these messages are random and unlikely to prophesize your future, there’s something exciting about suspending your disbelief. That thrill ends the moment you receive an outlandish fortune claiming you should rejoice over parking tickets, that you’re going to marry a competitive eater, or that calories don’t count when you’re alone. You’ll be entertained at how questionable these fortunes can be.

The Narcissist Fortune

One lucky individual cracked open a fortune that read “Your wisdom makes you superior to others.” If their immediate reaction was to completely agree, we would peg that person a narcissist.


Certainly, we all have a bit of an ego that makes us feel superior every now and again. However, this blanket statement isn’t one to be taken seriously. Plus, a fortune like that is practically begging to start a fight at the dinner table.