Awkwardly Adorable: These Cats Fell Asleep In Some Unusual Places And Positions!

Cats are amazing and interesting creatures for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that they sleep a lot… up to 16 hours a day! That’s a lot of hours to get into some really awkward and hilarious sleeping positions. From felines who zonk out in weird places to those that make funny faces while they sleep, we enjoy them all. Take a look at these awkwardly adorable sleeping cats and try not to yawn (or laugh).

Extreme Reclining

For some reason, the world of extreme sports hasn’t started including activities like relaxing or napping. We’d like to see all that change because this cat could easily sweep the competition with its serious reclining skills.


It takes years of practice to reach this level, where your head hangs completely off the surface and is suspended upside-down. An amateur couldn’t last five seconds in this position but our gold-medal winner here has probably been passed out like this for hours. It’s called dedication, people.