These Animals Could Care Less That Professional Sports Are Happening

Humans love professional sports. Animals love interrupting professional sports. Golf matches reach new levels of intensity when an alligator casually strolls onto the green. Baseball games have to be stopped when dogs decide it’s time to play fetch.

Big or small, all animals seem to share the talent for getting on the field in the middle of the action. Here are the best and most adorable animals interrupting professional sports games! You’ll never guess what sea creature braves the land to interrupt golf in Singapore!

This Cat Thinks He’s A Human

This black cat wants to play soccer with the big kids! Coming out a the start of a 2014 match between FC Barcelona and Elche FC, bad luck struck Elche FC.

Photo Credit: Denis Doyle/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Denis Doyle/Getty Images

FC Barcelona crushed Elche FC 3-0 to start the La Liga season. The club was relegated to a lower league at the end of the year. Thanks, cat! Cats on the field is one thing, giraffes on the green is another!