A Few Hilarious Photos With People In The Background

Pictures are worth a thousand words. But every story comes with a little something going on in the background of the picture. You should always check what’s going on behind you before you pose for a photo. Otherwise, you might end up on Judge Judy with a celebrity sitting right behind you or someone planking in your sister’s wedding photo. These funny photos are exactly why you need to be careful out there.

Leaning Tower Of Butts

A typical day at the Leaning Tower. The guy in the back is the hero we need but don’t deserve. He’s just there for the support so the lady doesn’t fall flat on her butt. Not all heroes need to wear capes in the real world.


What is it with tourists all doing this same exact pose when visiting this site, by the way? Not only did the man in the background save the woman from falling but he made the photo a lot less boring.