Travel Fails That Prove Some People Should Just Stay Home

Rarely does any trip goes precisely as planned. Some travel fails are a result of poor research, like arriving at a landmark that’s under construction. Other mistakes are out of your control, such as being photobombed by a stingray. From gorgeous views that were buried in fog to vacation photos that went awry, these travel fails are full of mistakes to learn from. Read on for some hilarious photos people begrudgingly traveled far and wide to take.

London’s “Big Ben” Clock Tower

This traveler traversed thousands of miles to take a peek at one of London’s most famous landmarks: the Big Ben clock tower. The nickname was derived from the bell that creates great bongs at the northern end of the Palace of Westminster.

The Big Ben in London is under construction.

Unfortunately, the tower was under construction at the time of their visit. A simple internet search reveals that repairs went underway in 2017 and would persist until 2021. Sadly, this traveler missed the memo.