Strange Illusions That Have Us Doing Double Takes

Sometimes objects, people, and places have the ability to fool our eyes into thinking we’re looking at something else. Whether it’s a picture that sometimes looks like a rabbit and sometimes looks like a duck, or a series of stationary dots that look like they’re moving, illusions have always fascinated us.

Keep reading to see a whole new set of illusions and objects that look like other things. Have you ever seen a camel on an apple? Or a cat that looks like it has no nose?

When The Plants Fight Back

This flower looks like it has teeth or something. Audrey 2, is that you?

flower looks like it has a mouth
Photo Credit: thengai_nzl / Reddit
Photo Credit: thengai_nzl / Reddit

Maybe this is Audrey 3. It’s not quite a Venus fly trap but it’s close enough.