School Photo Fails That Left Parents Wishing They Hadn’t Preordered

Picture day is exciting for parents and students alike. For kids, it’s an excuse to spend time out of the classroom. For adults, it’s a chance to see how much their child has grown over the years. No matter how much preparation goes into dressing your kids up for their school photo, it ultimately comes down to them. From strange smiles to wide eyes, these disastrous pictures explain why some schools push parents to preorder.

Show Me Pouty

This little boy looks like he was not excited about having his picture taken. At the same time, it’s his pouty expression that makes him seem like a model in the making.


We could just imagine this kid being used on the cover of an album or an artistic poster. He looks like a misunderstood rebel with a soft heart and a flair for writing sad songs. In actuality, he’s probably just a toddler who doesn’t like sitting still for long periods.