Photos Taken On Airplanes That Raise A Lot Of Questions

The majority of traveling horror stories usually have something to do with flying, and there’s a reason for that. You’re on a strict schedule, tired, squished like sardines with strangers, and absolutely nothing is predictable. The process surrounding traveling on airplanes is stressful enough to drive anyone crazy. Still, we’re lucky that some people documented some of the strangest things they’ve ever witnessed on an airplane for our enjoyment. Hopefully, these won’t make you rethink taking that vacation you’ve been looking forward to.

A Quick Air Dry Never Hurt

We all know that feeling rushed is standard practice when it comes to traveling, and sometimes, we have to make do with what we have. This man must have been in such a rush that he didn’t even have time to dry his socks before boarding the plane.

Man drying his socks

Luckily for him, this airplane has a complimentary sock drier so his feet can be nice and toasty by the time the plane lands. Too bad if anyone wanted to look out the window!