They Might Look Alarming, But They’re The Most Perfectly Timed Photos In Sports

Sports can be completely unpredictable. For instance, one moment, a tennis player will be hitting a serve, and the next, they’re doing a split mid-air while hitting the ball between their legs.

Thankfully, photographers are quick and have captured some of these perfectly timed sports moments on film. So, keep scrolling because some of these instances almost looked staged.

Gymnast Or Pretzel?

It’s no secret that gymnasts are pretty much inhuman. They’re able to defy gravity and do insane tricks that normal people wouldn’t even contemplate doing for fun, let alone in a competition.

2021 China National Gymnastics Championship & Tokyo Olympic Trials - Day 6
Lintao Zhang/Getty Images
Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

The thing is, when a gymnast, such as Zuo Tong, is photographed mid-air, they tend to look a bit more like a pretzel than an actual person. The good news is that once she lands back on planet Earth, she’ll look like a human once again. Well, hopefully.