Online Shopping Fails That’ll Make You Think Twice Before Clicking ‘Buy Now’

If you’re an online shopper, either the special day has already happened or it will come soon. What are we talking about, you ask? Well, you can’t trust everyone online, especially when it comes to overzealous product sellers. Unless you’re extremely lucky or savvy, then chances are you’re going to get bamboozled at some point. One night you might order a Nike product but receive a shirt that reads “Just Don’t Do It” instead. That’s just not right, and neither are these upcoming products that unsuspecting shoppers ordered from various websites. Continue reading to see some of the most hysterical online shopping fails ever.

Is This A Joke?

This Reddit user “knew it was a gamble ordering from Wish,” but he still went for it. Thankfully, he wasn’t upset when his “blanket” arrived, as he thought it was very funny.


The owner of the new giant wad of yarn probably didn’t spend too much on it, which is why he was so calm when his order arrived. If he has a cat, this might be the perfect gift to give to the little feline.