These Irritated People Left Hilarious Messages For Their Neighborhood Rivals

Neighborhood rivalry is nothing new, which is why they’ve made so many movies about it. However, no Hollywood flick could compare to the real-life feuds that exist between neighbors. Some neighbor complaints are too good to be believed, like the kid who was caught throwing cheese on their neighbor’s roof, or the person who repeatedly left their trash bag out in the hallway of their apartment building. We took it upon ourselves to find the most hilarious messages left by annoyed neighbors. Read on for a hearty laugh and a newfound appreciation of your neighbors.

Every Step You Take

The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” is arguably one of the creepiest songs in rock n’ roll history. However, the lyrics are a perfect fit for a downstairs neighbor who is sick of hearing the person upstairs.

A song uses the lyrics from a song to complain about noise.
Rihanna Taylor/Pinterest
Rihanna Taylor/Pinterest

The song’s chorus normally ends “I’ll be watching you,” but this clever complainer changes the line to “Is really audible through the floor.” They could have tried to rhyme with the song’s line by saying something like “I’ll be hearing you,” but the abrupt shift in tone at the end is way funnier.