Who Says The Customer Is Always Right? Hilarious Complaints And Perfect Employee Comebacks

Anyone who has worked in customer service knows all too well the mantra that the patron is always right. In some cases, though, the complaint is so outlandish that you just have to sit back and laugh. Other times, it’s the business that’s at fault for something ridiculous, like when a shampoo turned a dog’s fur pink. The best is when a representative replies to a complaint with a witty comeback, like the train company that sarcastically apologized for pouring rain onto the tracks. Read on for more hilarious exchanges between flabbergasted customers and exasperated employees.

The Upside Down Pizza

This customer seemed justified in his complaint at first. He claimed that his pizza didn’t have any toppings on it, and was essentially just a round flatbread. Domino’s Pizza replied back with genuine concern, only to find out that they’d done nothing wrong.


A moment later, the patron replied, “Never mind, I opened the pizza upside down.” We have to wonder if it was the delivery person who turned the food over or if the customer did it. Either way, it makes no sense.