Adorable Things Owners Did For Their Pets

Many pets lived a pretty charmed life. They get fed and loved on and don’t have to worry about a whole lot because, for the most part, their owner has it covered. But some pet parents really go above and beyond in terms of caregiving. From building climbing structures and personalized beds to dressing in ridiculous costumes that amuse the pets, it’s incredible the lengths some will go for their furry friend. One man carries around dogs that he doesn’t even own on a little toy train for their enjoyment. Perhaps most heartwarming is to see how a dying animal was commemorated by its owner. Read on and feel your heart melt over these beloved little companions.

Bunny Scrunchies

Some puppies have spiked-up ears, and others have big, floppy ones. For these adorable little guys, it was probably a frequent occurrence that their ears would get into their food. It appears that these lucky dogs are enjoying some human soup, but it’s possible that they just have watery dog food.

Two puppies lean over a bowl to eat with their ears tied up in a scrunchie
Design You Trust/ Facebook
Design You Trust/ Facebook

If humans can use hairbands to keep their hair out of their food, why shouldn’t dogs be able to use them for their ears? Scrunchies were a perfect choice because they’re softer. Now these canines can eat in peace.