Only Hyper-Aware Viewers Will Catch These Meticulous Movie Details

“Welcome Hoome” In Coraline

The animated picture Coraline is full of twists and turns, so it would take an eagle-eye viewer to catch this quirky detail. In one scene, Coraline is given a cake with the message “Welcome Home,” written in icing. If viewers look closely, the “welcome” has a single-looped “o” while “home” has a double-looped “o.”

Focus Features
Focus Features

According to Graphology, a single loop in a lowercase “o” signifies a person is telling the truth while a double-loop is lying. Sorry, Coraline; while you might be welcome in that alternate reality, it isn’t home. As Handwriting University National says, when you see a double-loop, “run, don’t walk to the nearest exit.”