Celebrities Show Off Their Goofy Sides In Funny Photobombs

Pictures of celebrities typically show them all dolled-up on the red carpet. We don’t really see them acting goofy, like “normal people.” But there are times they surprise us, by photobombing regular folks on the streets or even their fellow co-stars during premieres.

From Michael Cera doing Michael Cera things to Jennifer Lawrence looking like she’s about to take out Taylor Swift during one of her interviews, these photobombs show that some celebrities have playful attitudes when it comes to fans and friends.

Jim Isn’t Amused These Guys Have Better Seats Than He Does

It must get boring for actors who have fans take “discreet selfies” in front of them at events. All John Krasinski wants to do is watch the Red Sox, but these two jokers have other plans.

Jim Isn't Amused These Guys Have Better Seat Than He Does

Thankfully, Krasinski is well-versed in the art of Jim from The Office‘s deadpan face. So, now the picture just looks like the actor is a bit upset that the two men have better seats than he does at the ball game.